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Buying a home is the biggest investment, but there can often be security risks attached to your purchase. We are referring to those risks that are inherited – either from the previous owner or builder. Keys are a perfect example. It gives a great feel and excitement when you receive the keys of your new home, but you need to ask yourself whether you’re the only one to have the keys. This is why you need to re-key locks in your new home.

How are rekeying locks achieved?

When you call us to rekey locks, one of our locksmiths will analyze the lock condition, and if it’s found to be good, the lock is disassembled, the old pins are then removed. We then replace the internal working of the locks to make sure the old keys will no longer work.

Benefits of rekeying locks:

  • Cheaper than replacing the lock
  • Ensure who has access to your home
  • Rekeying locks will provide a master key for all locks both indoors and outdoors.
  • Minimize the security risks to your home and office.
  • DIY rekeying VS hiring an expert

Today, the market has been stormed with products that come with many technical complications. By contacting professional technicians at State Locksmith Services, you can be sure that you are consulting an expert who is well aware of all the modern add-ons of all sorts of locking systems. If you are stuck with any locking problem, hiring our technicians will pay you no loss, instead, contacting an amateur service provider means you are inviting danger in terms of paying more cost and damaging the system.

24/7 locks rekeying service

State Locksmith Services Atlanta, GA 404-479-7860As we are a reputable locksmith company in the Atlanta, GA district, our biggest priority is round the clock service. This makes our service available 24 hours a day including holidays. Let not harsh cold weather or hot sunny day, get in our way to stop us. Further, we have a strong policy for delivering rekey locks services or other locksmith services in a quick and short time. To achieve our goal, our representatives will handle your concern and connect you with the nearest technicians who will arrive at your location within 30 minutes with all equipment and tools.

If you were searching for a professional service provider to rekey locks, give us a call today!