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Nobody wants to suffer the irritating consequences of misplacing their car keys. Unfortunately, sooner or later it seems to happen to almost all of us. We either lose our keys, the key gets locked in the car, the key breaks off in the lock, or someone unknowingly takes your only set of car keys. It can be a devastating experience especially if the weather is bad, it's late at night or you're in a hurry to get to work. When you need to get inside so that can get on with your life, it's time to contact a dependable locksmith service likes ours. State Locksmith Services is ready, willing and able to offer specialized automotive locksmith services for the citizens in the Atlanta, GA area.

We provide a team of professional automotive locksmiths who can quickly resolve your lock and entry problems with cars and trucks. We have the ability to fabricate new car keys for all types of vehicles, wherever you're located. We can do this because our technicians drive vans that are filled with equipment and tools that are needed to create transponder keys while you wait. They can even create high-security keys if needed. Our staff knows how to unlock or rekey locks or ignitions almost immediately, which allows you to return to your life and go about your daily business.

Our automotive services include the following:

  • 24/7 servicesState Locksmith Services Atlanta, GA 404-479-7860
  • Car lockout resolution
  • Unlocking or rekeying locks on the spot
  • Mobile locksmith team to reach you swiftly in any part of the city
  • Cheap ignition repairs
  • Instant response in case of emergencies 
  • Ignition key creation
  • New car keys for any car model, old or new
  • Making high-security laser car keys for advanced locking systems
  • GM VAT keys duplication
  • Transponder chip key
  • Emergency trunk unlock
  • Basic key cutting services


Cars are changing every day. Along with the shapes and sizes, mileage and performance are also improving. Investment in latest cars is huge and it is important to secure our investments. A car needs to be kept secure as much as any other valuables. Advanced locking systems have made it possible to keep our cars safe by giving an extra layer of protection. Transponder keys are one such system of locking that keeps our cars safe. Our technicians at State Locksmith Services are aware of this technology and can make new keys for you on the spot. They have the right equipment and technology available in their mobile vans for making keys. Along with transponder keys, we make duplicate keys on the spot, pop a lock open and unlock cars & other vehicles as part of our emergency automotive locksmith services. 

Because drivers often experience entry problems, our automotive locksmiths are accustomed to quickly making new keys for motorists in a hurry. In fact, they can create a set of key faster than it takes to install a window. If you are living in the Atlanta, GA area and stuck in the middle of nowhere because you are locked out of your car, you should call us. We deliver what we claim, unlike our competitors.

Some locksmith companies advertise that they provide 24-hour locksmith services but hardly deliver when you need them the most. In such a situation you call your automaker and pay an inflated fee to them to get you out of your situation. But we don’t ever disappoint our customers. If we disappoint you when you need us the most, then we know you won’t ever consider using our services again in the future. We treat every emergency situation as an opportunity to set up a long-term relationship with our customers.

Our quick and affordable locksmith services are better than the most dealer re- entry organizations. Give us a call @ 404-479-7860 and we’ll prove that our automotive locksmith services are the best in the area.